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Client Testimonials

Nareg Mouradian

CEO, Founder

I was approaching 40 and was tired of seeing men in their 40s broken down. I wanted to invest in myself, my mind, body and soul. When I met Vic, I knew I had found the right person to unlock the greatness that I had buried deep down inside me. Every session I had with Vic was challenging mentally and physically, while feeding my soul to get one step closer to my goal. After training with Vic for over a year, he gave me the tools to continue the path to greatness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take that next step and break out into greatness. 

Geoff Greulich

CEO, Founder

Victor has a great way with people. You can see how well he connects with his clients and everyone around him. He exudes a combination of confidence and professionalism that positively influences everyone around him. Victor also has an amazing knowledge of the body and its interactions. If I have a tweaked muscle or pain, he understands all of the interconnections with other muscles and knows countless drills to alleviate the pain and strengthen me back to 100%. Victor has the ability to motivate me to set aggressive personal and physical goals and push myself even harder. He really cares about my overall health and well being. He’s always listening and striving to help me to go above and beyond expectations. Victor lives by the adage, ‘the more you give, the more you get’. 

Ed Feo

CEO, Founder

I have been working with Victor for about 2 years. I was looking for a trainer who could help me get in shape for racing small sailboats plus dealing with chronic shoulder and elbow pain. I have worked with other trainers in the past and I have to say that Victor is the best in my experience. He has extraordinary knowledge of the anatomy and can really target problem areas. He also pushes the right amount - and as a result I have gained balance, strength and endurance - and no longer have the chronic issues. I give him my highest recommendation. 

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